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Feedback from students sharing their experiences at previous Cellular & Wi-Fi Analysis Trainings.

​         Intel Driven Solutions

This is probably the best training I've been to in 20 years.

I've been to 5 other cell phone mapping training courses and this is the most comprehensive one I've attended.

This is the 2nd training I have received involving Cellular Analysis. This training was much more thorough and I feel

as if I can utilize this training for my profession more effectively now.

This was, by far, the best LE training I have been a part of. Very informative and hands-on. Had practical application to our positions, and was not the typical "dry" training. Great job, and thank you for traveling out to CO!

The instructor was very professional and kept the class entertained during the presentation. Hands on practicals

were excellent and helped instill the presented material.

Instructor was very patient and welcomed all questions, which was much appreciated. The instruction was thorough and adaptable to different types of learners.

The amount of tools and resources that the instructor provided is great. At the end of the day, LE success often hinges

on the tools that are available; the course provided many valuable tools.

Extremely helpful. Very well prepared.

Excellent. Real world examples are great.

Instructor did a great job of presenting the information and being patient.

The amount of individual practicals.

All of this training was great, and really helped organize my thoughts and application of information received

in search warrants.

It's a must for detectives investigating all crime. I'll legit use this for as long as I do police work.

Multiple repetitions of mapping the records and referencing them.

It was a great course.

Hands on, practical application.

Excellent instructor with a great knowledge base. He is able to break down material for the novice.

This class will provide you with an in-depth view into the world of cellular record analysis. A great instructor with a passion

for his work, you will receive hands-on training using real life examples.

It was helpful to have the hands on pieces. I appreciated the repetition.

This is a very helpful class when it comes to cell device mapping. Good repetition to help reiterate the lessons learned.

Absolutely do it. Take your time and be patient learning the material because it's worth it.

Instructor was able to deliver a technical class without relying on language that would intimidate attendees

with limited knowledge.

Practical Exercises and the enthusiasm of the instructor as it relates to his materials.

Everyone is connected to a cell phone. Agencies ignore this specialty at their peril.

The training was great.

It is an excellent training. Well worth it.

Valuable and essential class for ANY and ALL investigators. Every case these days has some type of cellular connection

to it that could be a key piece in an investigation. Any detective would be remiss to not attend this course!

If your department currently does not have anyone with a general understanding of Cell Records, Cell Mapping,

and Wi-fi analysis; then they need to. These tools are crucial to many types of investigations.

Very knowledgeable.  Very beneficial class.

I have already contacted other officers, recommending they attend this class.

Excellent use of real cases worked to show best practices and how things can be missed if you don't try all of the

tricks and skills.

Instructor brings real life experience to the class and can relate to what we're dealing with.

I would strongly recommend this class to anybody needing further investigation techniques with cell phones and Wi-Fi routers.

I seriously liked it all and found each aspect to be informative and helpful.

It is an excellent training. Well worth it.

Worth the time and money. Great instructor!

Extremely patient and helpful, awesome instructor.

This is a topic that all investigators should seek knowledge in. Not everyone is plotting maps, but to know the material

will help in all aspects.

Excellent training.

The manual is fantastic.

Very knowledgeable and helpful.

Learned a lot of new things due to instructor's years of experience, and he definitely wants you to understand so you can

use it.

Great learning experience, can feel a bit intense at times, but definitely worth it.

The access to resources and provided information that can be immediately used to assist current investigations.

Well worth the time/monetary investment. It can re-open cold cases with historical information and be very useful in future investigations.  It only takes one case to make this knowledge extremely beneficial.

They were great! Actually working through and going step by step with actual records and using the programs is something that cannot be covered by any lecture.

You know your stuff.

The hands on training. Letting people figure it out is how one can begin to master a subject.

Do it. You will be better for the knowledge base, and even if you have someone you hand this kind of thing off to, you need to know the foundations of this type of investigation as the world continues to become ever more technological.

A must attend! I'd advise them (students) to limit the amount of other work responsibilities they are required to do while in the class.

I would recommend attending the training. Even if you use an advanced mapping tool to map your cell phone data, you need

to be able to explain to a jury how the data works.

Very user friendly and easy to follow obviously you two are very knowledgeable and can answer questions related to material!

Step by step training and practicals to test what we had learned.

It is a necessity/necessary tool that law enforcement should be using for major investigations.

Knowledge was brought in from real cases and outcomes of those cases. I believe this helps relate to own cases and scenarios that can be brought back to our agencies.

Examples provided, speed of instruction and time necessary to complete exercises.

The hands on practical exercises and the amount/quality of resources provided. Very knowledgeable and able to answer questions.

The course provides a great overview of the technology that individuals use on a daily basis that can help paint a picture of their movements/activity and how we can take advantage of it during investigations. There were also a lot of resources provided to assist in investigations that I was unaware of beforehand.

The exercises. So many trainings are just PowerPoint after PowerPoint--but I really enjoyed that we got to take the information that was provided, and actually USE the knowledge and apply it to the different exercises.

The practical exercises & real-life/applicable examples.

This training will help you be able to actually do what was taught on the job; it's not just hours of lecture on theoretical applications and practices that you won't ever use.

I appreciate a law enforcement perspective and how this applies to court testimony, etc. I also appreciate a final test. This is important for everyone to know their knowledge level and it also gives strong credibility to the training and also testifying.

This is a passion for both instructors and anyone can tell that they are well trained and have a plethora of knowledge in this subject.

If you are in a unit that is into tracking subjects thru phone or internet records this will help catch criminals that normally would not be on the radar. The tools given will provide a backdoor into investigations that would normally stall.

It was EXACTLY what I needed for use in investigating my cases. The repetition of exercises and responsiveness to questions created an effective learning environment.

Every investigator should attend this training! This is great information for those of us who work cases with internet crimes.

Very knowledgeable. Personable and fun.

Come ready to learn!

Great Class, I learned a lot that can be applied to investigations as minimal as a theft, or as major as a homicide.

A lot of information to absorb, repetition helped greatly.

Great info and great new tools to learn about.

Hands on. Intensive.

Practical Exercises.

The handouts, go-bys, and resources.  Hands-on training.

Topics were well explained.  Examples were very helpful.

Step by step power points were very useful in being able to review after instruction to maintain familiarity.

Bound copy of the power points to use as a further reference guide after training has concluded.

Thanks for not doing death by PowerPoint. Clear, loud, and explained things well.

Very Knowledgeable instructors that did a great job explaining complex concepts about cell tower mapping and issues to consider when presenting in court.

Very knowledgeable instructors who do what they're teaching day-to-day.

Get ready to get some very good, extremely hands-on instruction in cellular and Wi-Fi analysis!

Very knowledgeable about topic. Could tell instructors have a lot of practical experience.

Quality of instruction, experience of instructors.

The instructor lead visuals were very helpful. Walking through the websites as we learned was very important to me.

Power points were helpful in understanding the concepts of the course.

Instructors were well experienced, educated, and trained in this type of training.

Practicals! On hand practicals and exercises were very helpful in understanding the process of mapping CDRs.

All of the hands on exercises really helped me understand everything.

Intel Driven Solutions gave me invaluable training from very knowledgeable instructors who are real-world experts in their field.  Get ready for a fast-paced, intensive training experience that combines a perfect mix of classroom instruction and practical exercises.  I am definitely a far better investigator for having attended this training!

Instructor is very knowledgeable and seems to really love his work.

Definitely attend.

Do it.